Why Artificial Grass?

☛  Real natural grass demands extensive and continuous maintenance, which requires cost, time and effort constantly

☛  Over watering our lawn becomes a problem where water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century

☛  ArtGrass put emphasis on cleanliness, attractiveness, tranquility, and comfort

☛  ArtGrass set forth the importance of going green by preserving water use, fuel consumption, and chemical substances

☛  ArtGrass enable us to have green presence where real grass is difficult to maintain, such as balcony deck, underneath big shady tree, wall, ceiling

Why ArtGrass is the Best?

☛  Number One and Leading Brand for Artificial Grass mainly for Garden, Decoration, and Recreational Use in Indonesia

☛  ArtGrass is made of highest quality materials and standard, which is proven by its multiple certifications from international organizations

☛  ArtGrass has its own Warranty Card and Fully Dedicated Customer Service from initial consultation to after-sales service

☛  ArtGrass has hundreds of installation and application for its line of products which range from residential, commercial, to government sectors

☛  ArtGrass is a long term investment and the average lifetime of ArtGrass is between 8 and 15 years